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Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Information / General Tips for Travellers 2  

General Tips for Travellers 2

Passports and Visas / Health Information / Safety Information / Making a Telephone Call from-to Glasgow / Best Time to Go / Local Climate / Clothes to Pack / Medical Care / Domestic Electricity Supply / Photography

Passports and Visas

Visitors to anywhere in the UK require a current national passport, with the exception of visitors from other European Union countries who can visit for up to three months with just a valid ID card.

Health Information

An International Certificate of Vaccination is not required when visiting Glasgow. Glasgow, like the rest of the UK, enjoys a generally high level of hygiene, therefore no special precautions need be taken. The tap water is supplied by the nearby Loch Katrine and is of the highest quality, but may not be to everyone's tatse.

Safety Information

Glasgow city centre is generally a safe place to be and the ongoing plan to cover the area with CCTV monitoring has improved that sense of safety and well-being. Glaswegians have a genuine concern for the safety of visitors and are, generally, always willing to give help and advice, so never hesitate to stop someone in the street to ask for directions, for instance. Glasgow's world-wide reputation for being a friendly city is not without substance and, in general, the people are very approachable. Obviously if travelling outwith the city centre, you should gain some idea of the type of area you are going to, as they may not be quite so safe for a tourist with camera, etc.

As with any other large city, however, you should always be aware that pickpockets are around in the city centre. Try to keep your personal belongings secure - make sure bags are zipped up and never leave it unattended, keep back pockets buttoned, do not place your cheque book and cards together. Be especially vigilant in pubs, restaurants, shopping malls and bus stops - and do not place your bag on the floor in toilets or changing rooms as someone can reach under the partition to get at your valuables.

Making a Telephone Call from Glasgow

Public phone boxes in Glasgow can accept; coin (minimum 10p or 20p), credit cards and phonecards, although not all will accept each type of payment, however, you will tend to see instances of 'coin' and 'phonecard' phones together as pairs. Phonecards are available in values from 2.00 to 20.00 and can be purchased from Post Offices and shops displaying the green Phonecard sign. BT (British Telecom) provide the majority of phone boxes, but with the opening up of the telecomms market, other companies are now setting up boxes throughout Glasgow. Some useful numbers which can be phoned for free from most public phone boxes are: Emergency 999, The Operator 100 and Directory Enquiries 192.

As is the practice throughout Europe, hotels will charge a premium for the use of phone within the hotel, therefore it is advisable to make international calls from public phones. If you are making an international call make sure that the phone has IDD - International Direct Dialling. The IDD number for dialling in to Britain is 00. (Dial this first before adding the country code of the country you are calling.)

NB. The country code for the Scotland and the UK is 44. The city code for Glasgow is 0141, but remember to omit The initial 0 when calling from abroad. E.g. to phone St Enoch's Travel you: dial 226 4826 if you are in Glasgow; dial 0141 226 4826 if you are in Edinburgh; and, dial 44 141 226 4826 if you are in Quebec.

Best Time to Go

Glasgow is best seen in the summer when all the popular venues will have extended opening times. Good weather can never be guaranteed, however, Glaswegians are always hopeful of some sun and warm conditions from May through to September.

Local Climate

Temperatures for the seasons average as follows: winter  4C / 30F, spring 11C / 52F, summer 18C / 64F and autumn 11C / 52F. Summer evenings can be long and warm, but, otherwise there is usually the risk of a wee drop of rain.

Clothes to Pack

The clothes you require will depend strongly on the time of year that you visit Glasgow, although a raincoat or waterproof jacket will always come in useful - as will a sturdy umbrella! The winters can be quite cold, especially when wind-chill is taken into account, so make sure you pack some warm jumpers (sweaters) and outer garments if visiting from October to March.

Medical Care

Visitors falling ill when in Glasgow are eligible to free emergency treatment at National Health Service accident and emergency departments of hospitals. If you are admitted to hospital as an in-patient, even from an accident and emergency department, you will be required to pay unless you are a national or resident of the European Economic Area, or of a country which has reciprocal health care agreement with the UK. You are advised to take out adequate insurance before travelling to Britain.

Domestic Electricity Supply

The standard voltage throughout the UK is 240V AC, 50Hz. A three square-pronged adapter plug is needed to connect to the domestic power supply appliances in Glasgow.


Always ask before taking photos in Glasgow's many museums and art galleries. There are a wide range of places where your film can be developed - from local chemists to professional photography outlets. It is best to shop around, but if you are in a hurry, expect to pay about 7.99 (pounds sterling) for 24 photos to be processed in 1 hour at 6" x 4".

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