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Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Information / Glasgow Street Names That Changed  

 A list of Glasgow street names which were subject to change prior to the 1940s

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Adelplhi Street,BridgetonPoplin Street,SE
Agnes Drive,GovanCara Drive,SW1
Albany Street,North KelvinsideMingarry Street,NW
Albert Drive,CrosshillAlbert Avenue,S2.
Albert GateDowanside Road,W2.
Albert Road,LangsideTantallon Road,S1
Albert Road,PollokshieldsAlbert Drive,S1
Albert Street,GovanOrkney Street SW1
Albert Street,Highburgh RoadBeaumont Gate,W2
Albert Street,off Possil RoadRock Street,C 4
Albert Street,TownheadMcAslin Street C4
Albert Terrace,MaryhillFalcon Terrace NW
Albion Lane,DowanhilllDowanside Lane,W2
Albion Street,DowanhillDowanside Road,W2
Albion Street,NorthAlbion Street,C1
Albion Street,GovanBriton Street,SW1
Alexander RowGushetfaulds Street,S2
Alexander StreetBrechin Street,C3
Alexandra AvenueColdingham Avenue, Clydebank
Alexandra Park GardensEaster Craigs,E1
Alexandra Street,CathcartDairsie Street,S4
Alexandra Street,PartickElie Street,W1
Allan Drive,MaryhillLoskin Drive,NW
Alma Street,GovanHoey Street,SWl
Amulree Street
(Part from Tollcross Rd to Taymouth St)
Strathford Street,E2
Anderson Street,CaltonLambert Street,SE
Anderson Street,TollcrossEasterhill Place,E2
Anderson Street,SpringburnCroftbank Street,N
Anderson Street,Kinning ParkSleads Street,S1
Anderson Street,GovanTaransay Street,SW1
Ann Street,off Jamaica StreetMidland Street,C1
Ann Street,BridgetonLaird Street,SE
Ann Street,HillheadSouthpark Avenue,W2
Anne Street, PollokshawsChristian Street,S3
Annfield Road, PartickBanavie Road, W1
Annfield Street
(Part from Reidvale St to Duke St)
Annbank Street, E1
Apsley PlaceWarwick Street, C 5
Argyle Lane, MaryhillKilmun Lane, NW
Argyle Place, MaryhillKilmun Place, NW
Argyle Street, MaryhillKilmun Street, NW
Arthur Street, BridgetonCotton Street, SE
Ashfield Lane, HillheadOtago Lane, W2
Auchinairn Road,
(part within city Boundary)
Colston Road, NW
Auldhouse Road
(Part from old Boundary to Drill Hall)
Merrylee Road, S3
Avenue Road, SpringburnNortheroft Road, N.
Baird Street, GovanSouthcroft Street, SW1
Balcary Street, MossparkClunie Road, SW2
Balgray Terrace, SpringhurnEastcroft Terrace, N
Balmoral Avenue, Cathcart.Berridale Avenue, S4
Balmoral Lane, LangsideBurton Lane
Bank Street., Port.DundasPayne Street, C4
Barr Street, EastDavaar Street, SE
Barrhead RoadPollokshaws Road, S3
Barry Street, BridgetonBoness Street, SE
Bearsden Road, AnnieslandTemple Rd and Ilay Rd, W3
Beechwood Road, CathcartBrenfield Road, S4
Belgrave StreetBeltane Street, C3
Bellhaven CrescentWestbourne Gardens, W2
Bell Street, BridgetonLaird Place, SE
Bell Street, CaltonLoom Street, SE
Bell Street, WhiteinchTyne Street, W4
Bishops RoadMitre Road, W1; Nos. 30/35Upwards, W4
Bishop Street, Port DundasRenton Street, C4
Blair Street, South of Shettlestone RoadCree Street, E2
Blairdardie Road, KnightswoodGarscadden Road, W3
Blenheim Drive PartickChurchill Drive, W1
Blythswood DriveWoodlands Drive, C4
Bouverie AvenueTweedvale Avenue, Clydebank
Bowling Green Dr or Ave, ShettlestonCulrain Street, E2
Boyd TerraceShearer Place, C5
Bridge Street, MaryhillBantaskin Street, NW
Bridge Street, PartickPartick Bridge Street, Wl
Bridge Street, New, PartickBenalder Street, W1
Broad Street, ParkheadArch Street, E1
Broad Street, CamlachieBiggar Street, E1
Broomhall Road
(from Glasserton Rd to Merrylee Rd)
Largie Road, S3
Broomhall Road
(from Merrylee Road to Laggan Rd)
Coylton Road, S3
Broomhall Road
(from Merrylee Road northwards)
Ardle Road, S3
Broomhall Street, Kinning ParkHeather Street, S1
Broomhill StreetKessock Street, C4
Broompark TerraceBroompark Drive, E1
Brown Street, BridgetonAcorn Street, SE
Brown Street, Port DundasCivic Street, C4
Brownlie Gardens, TollcrossBraidfauld Gardens, E2
Bruce Street, HillheadBower Street, W2
Bruce Street off Keppochhill RoadScone Street, N
Brunswick Avenue, ScotstounBereford Avenue, W4
Bryce Lane, GovanThree Ell Lane, SW1
Buchanan CourtKelty Street, C5
Buchanan Lane, CaltonLoom Place, SE
Buchanan Lane, PartickDalcross Lane, Wl
Buchanan Street, PartickDalcross Street, W1
Buchanan Terrace, NitshillPinmore Street, Nitshill
Burnbrae Place, TollcrossDunira Street, E2
Burnbrae Street, TollcrossDunira Street, E2
Burn Road, ParkheadInvernairn Street, E1
Burn Road, ShettlestonCulross Street, E2
Burn Street ScotstounYetholm Street, W3
Burnside Row, NitshillCongleton Street, Nitshill
Bute Street, MaryhillKirn Street, NW
Butterbiggins Road
(portion from Pollokshaws Road to Rly)
Butterfield Place, S2
Cadder Street, PollokshieldsGlenapp Street, S1
Calderwood StreetPladda Street, C4
Caledonia StreetGarnkirk Street, N
Calton Street, TollcrossDalness Street, E2
Cambridge Street North KelvinsideFergus Drive, NW
Cameron CourtCrieff Court, C3
Cameron Street, SouthLindores Street, S2
Campbell Street, SpringburnFernbarik Street, N
Campbell Street, GovanDunsmuir Street, SW1
Camperdown RoadEarlbank Avenue, W4
Camphill Drive, CrosshillBalvicar Drive, S2
Camphill Street, CrosshillBalvicar Street, S2
Campsie Road, PollokshawsLedi Road, S3
Canal Street, Port EglintonMauchline Street, C5
Canberra Drive, KnightswoodBearsden Road, W3
Canning Street, AnderstonNorth Place, C3
Canning Street, CaltonLondon road, SE
Canniesburn RoadMaryhill Iroad, NW
Carlton Gardens, CardonaldCrookston Avenue, SW2
Carlton Gardens, North KelvinsideStriven Gardens, NW
Carlyle Drive and Road, Cardonald'I'raquair Drive, SW2
Castle Road, CathcartOld Castle Road, S4
Catherine LaneCathedral Lane, C4
Catherine Place, TollcrossCorbett Street, E2
Catherine Street, CaltonDrake Street, SE
Catherine Street, TownheadM'Aslin Street, C4
Cecil Avenue and lane, CathcartCairndow Avenue and Lane, S4
Cecil Street, off Paisley Road, WestLangshot Street, SW1
Centre Street, WhiteinchCurle Street, W4
Chamberlain Road, off Kirklee RoadAddison Road, W2
Chapel TerraceCroydon Street, El
Charles Street, BridgetonOlympia Street, SE
Charlotte PlaceKelty Place, C5
Charlotte Street, Port DundasPortree Street, C4
Church Lane, LangsideLangside Lane, S2
Church Place, AnderstonHeddle Place, C3
Church Place, Garscube RoadLilac Place, NW
Church Road, off Paisley Road, WestCarillon Road, SW1
Church Street, GovanClynder Street, SW1
Church Street, MaryhillSandbank Street, NW
Clarence Street, off Morrison Street, S.SDalintober Street, C5
Claythorn Road , KelvinsideShelley Road, W2
Clyde Street AnderstonClyde Ferry Street, C3
Clyde Street (East)Clyde Street, C1
Clyde Street, Port DundasTayport Street, C4
Clyde Street, PartickSandy Road, W1
Clyde TerraceCarlton Place, C5
Clydeview Terrace, BridgetonGreenhead Street, SE
Cobden PlaceAdvie Place, S2
College Street, PollokshawsLeckie Street, S3
College Street, WestCrimea Street, C2
Comelypark Street
(portion from Reidvale Street to Duke Street)
Garfield Street, E1
Compass Cottages AnnieslandPart of Anniesland Road, W3
Comrie Road, CardonaldBlairgowne Road, SW2
Cook Street, GovanCruden Street, SW1
Coplawhill StreetCoplaw Street, S2
Cornwall Avenue, JordanhillAirthrey Avenue, W4
Cow Loan
(formerly Pollok Street, Pollokshaws)
Greenview Street, S3
Cowglen RoadBarrhead Road, S3
Craig Street, EastGartness Street. E1
Craig Street, Kinning ParkCowie Street, Sl
Craigend Cottages, AnnnieslandCraigend Street, W3
Craigton Terrace, SpringburnFernbank Place, N
Crawford Street, EastGlendale Street, E1
Crawford Street, Port EglintonKilbirnie Street, C5
Crawford Street, Port DundasTownsend Street, C.4.
Crawford Street, LambhillKnapdale Street, NW
Crescent, LambhillBalmore Road, N
Croft Road, CathcartLanton Road, S4
Cromwell Road, CrosshillNiddrie Road, S2
Cromwell Square, CrosshillNiddrie Square, S2
Crookston Street, off Paisley RoadCarnoustie Street, C5
Cross Street, PartickFordyce Street, W1
Crossloan Road, KelvinsideCleveden Road, W2
Crown Circus Road NorthCrown Road North, W2
Crown Circus Road SouthCrown Road South, W2
Crownpoint StreetFielden Street, SE
Cumbernauld Read
(Easter Kennyhill to Smithycroft Bridge)
Smithycroft Road, El
Dale Street, South SideTradeston Street, C5
Dalmarnock Street, ParkheadSpringfield Road, E1
Dalree StreetKillin Street, E2
Dalton StreetKintyre Street, N
Darnley Avenue, ScotstounDunglass Avenue, W4
Darnley GardensDarnley Place, Sl
Dawson Street, ParkheadDunbar Street, EI
Dawsholm RoadDalsholm Road, NW
Dean LaneVarna Lane, W4
Dean Road, JordanhillVarna Road, W4
Deerpark GardensTollcross Road, E1
Derby CrescentBotanic Crescent, NW
Dock LaneShearer Lane, C5
Douglas Street, PartickPurdon Street, W1
Doune Gardens, CathcartStruan Gardens, S4
Drummond StreetDalveen Street, E2
Drummond Street, LambhillStrachur Street, NW
Drumoyne TerraceNimmo Drive, SW1
Duguid Street PartickThornwood Terrace, W3
Dumbarton Road (Old)Old Dumbarton Road, C3
Duncan Street, CaltonAnson Street, SE
Duncan Street, Mile-endMajor Street, SE
Duncan Street, PollokshawsTracy Street, S3
Dundas Street, off Paisley RoadLaidlaw Street, C5
DundashillHigh Craighall Road, C4.
Dungoyne Gardens, MaryhillDungoyne Street, NW
Dunlop Street, TollcrossCorbett Street, E2
Dunlop Street, NitshillDove Street, Nitshill
Durward Avenue
(portion from Minard Road to Dinmont Road)
Dinmont Road, S1
Earnock Terrace, RobroystonEarnock Street, N.
East Cumberland StreetArcadia Street, SE
East Hope StreetHolywell Street, E1
East John StreetBluevale Street, E1
East Miller StreetMillerston Street, E1
East Nelson StreetMillerston Street, E1
East Nile StreetMolendinar Street, C1
East Union StreetDunrobin Street, E1
East Waterloo StreetForbes Street, SE
Easterhill StreetPeathill Street, N
Edward Gardens, CardonaldCardonald Gardens, SW2
Edzell AvenueBradfield Avenue, W2
Edzell PlaceHopefield Avenue, W2
Eglinton DriveCleveden Gardens, W2
Eildon Villas and PlaceCathkinview Road, S2
Elgin Road, CathcartTannahill Road, S3
Elgin StreetTurriff Street, C5
Elizabeth Drive, CraigtonCorkerhill Road, SW2
Ellerslie Steet, ScotstounLasswade Street, Clydebank.
Elliot Street and Lane, HillheadCresswell Street and Lane, W2
Elm Street, S.S.Birch Street, C5
Erskine Road, CardonaldTalla Road, SW2
Fairley Street, DennistounLargs Street, E1
Ferguson Street, ScotstounEsk Street, W4
Ferry Road, off Govan RoadPlantation Place, SW1
Fielden DriveKildonan Drive, W1
Findlay StreetStow Street, C2
Firpark Street, ShettlestonDalreith Street, E2
First Avenue, DumbreckFirst Gardens, S1
First Avenue, KelvinsideArnwood Drive, W2
Fleming Street off Garscube RoadFarnell Street C4
Forth Street, Port DundasColinton Street, C4
Fourth Avenue, DumbreckFourth Gardens, S1
Francis Street, ShettlestonVesalius Street, E2

 Factual information derived form the 1937/38 Post Office Directory and based on initial work by Douglas Brown.

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