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 Scottish Songs - Lyrics and Melodies 
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The Bard of Glen-Ullin

Robert Tannahill

Tho' my eyes are grown dim, and my locks are turn'd grey,
I feel not the storm of life's bleak wintry day;
For my cot is well thatch'd, and my barns are full stor'd,
And cheerful Content still presides at my board:
Warm-hearted Benevolence stands at my door,
Dispensing her gifts to the wandering poor;
The glow of the heart does my bounty repay,
And lightens the cares of life's bleak wintry day.

2. From the summit of years I look down on the vale,
Where Age pines in sorrow, neglected and pale;
There the sunshine of Fortune scarce deign'd to bestow
One heart-cheering smile on the wand'rers below:
From the sad dreary prospect, this lesson I drew,
That those who are helpless, are friended by few;
So with vig'rous industry I smooth'd the rough way,
That leads through the vale of life's bleak wintry day.

3. Then, my son, let the Bard of Glen-Ullin advise,
(For years can give counsel, experience makes wise)
'Midst thy wand'rings, let honour for aye be thy guide,
O'er thy actions let honesty ever preside:
Then, though hardships assail thee, in virtue thou'lt smile
For light is the heart that's untainted with guile;
But, if Fortune attend thee, my counsels obey,
Prepare for the storms of life's bleak wintry day.

 Scottish Songs - Lyrics and Melodies 
A   B   C-D   E-G   H-I   J-L   M-N   O   P-S   T   U-Z

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