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Location: Glasgow Guide / Scottish Recipes / Drambuie Cocktails   

Scottish Recipes: Drambuie CocktailsScottish Recipes: Drambuie Cocktails

Some people might say that Drambuie on its own is the perfect drink but others feel it necessary to add other flavours to the recipe (said to have given by Bonnie Prince Charlie to members of the Mackinnon clan who helped him to escape after the defeat at Culloden in 1746). So here are a number of cocktails which include Drambuie.

Don't be too concerned about "centilitres" or "millilitres" or "tablespoons" - just use the same measures for each liquid ingredient.


Recipe Ingredients:

5 cl Drambuie
5 cl Malibu rum
5 cl Cherry brandy
10 cl Lemonade

Just pour the ingredients into a glass and stir.

Black Tartan

Recipe Ingredients:

1 part Johnnie Walker Black whisky
1 part Irish whisky
1 part Drambuie
1 part Kahlua

Shake with ice and strain over ice.

Christmas Pudding

Recipe Ingredients:

100 ml Southern Comfort
100 ml Drambuie
500 ml Guinness stout

Add Southern Comfort and then Drambuie in a large goblet. Top up with draught or chilled Guinness.

Cumulus #1

Recipe Ingredients:

3 cl Drambuie
1.5 cl Tia maria
1 cl Cream
1 Egg yolk
2 teaspoons sugar

Shake well with ice. Serve in frosted glass and sprinkle with powdered coffee or nutmeg.

Dancing Leprechaun

Recipe Ingredients:

1 oz Irish whisky
oz Drambuie
oz Lemon juice
Ginger ale

Twist of Lemon peel
Shake with ice. Strain into glass with ice cubes. Add a twist of lemon.

Jack Frost

Recipe Ingredients:

2 tblsp Jack Daniels
1 tblsp Drambuie
1 dash Grenadine
cup Sweet and sour mix
cup Orange juice

Combine all the ingredients over ice in a glass.


Recipe Ingredients:

1.5 oz single malt Scotch
1.0 oz Drambuie or Glayva
2.5 oz Rose's Lime Juice

Shake gently and pour over ice in old fashioned glass.

Loch Lomond

Recipe Ingredients:

2 oz Scotch whisky
oz Drambuie
oz Dry Vermouth
1 twist of Lemon peel

In a mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes, combine the Scotch, Drambuie, and vermouth. Stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with the twist of lemon peel.


Recipe Ingredients:

1 cl Drambuie
1 cl Orange liqueur (such as Gran Marnier)
1 cl Bailey's irish cream
2/3 cl Milk

Pour in order.

Umbrella Man Special

Recipe Ingredients:

6 cl Vodka
6 cl Kahlua
6 cl Bailey's irish cream
6 cl Grand Marnier
6 cl Drambuie

Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Serve with straw and ice cubes and put a cocktail umbrella beside the straw in the glass.

Warm Woolly Sheep

Recipe Ingredients:

1 measure Scotch whisky
1 measure Drambuie

Fill with warm Milk
Mix Scotch and Drambuie, top with warm milk.

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