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Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Maps / GCM 2006 Printing Files and Instructions  

Printing the Glasgow Central Map

You have two options when printing (PDF formats of) the Glasgow Central Map (GCM): firstly, you can print the GCM as an A4, or secondly, you can print over two pages, effectively printing to A3 size, once the two prints are joined together after printing. The GCM can be viewed at the first size, A4, only if it has been printed on a photo-quality printer at 300dpi or more.

Quick Download

1. A4 version of the Glasgow Central MapDownload798kb
2. 'A3' version of the Glasgow Central MapDownload left
Download right

3. 101 Visitor Attractions list

4. Full streets listDownload178kb

Download from box above or follow instructions below:

Step 1: Option 1: print as one page at A4 sizeOption 1: print as one page at A4 size

  1. Download this GCM PDF file (GCM_A4_April2006.pdf) and open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. In the Reader software choose File > Print option as shown in the screen shot on the right.

  2. Then, from the print dialogue box which opens next make sure you choose the options as shown in the next screenshot:

    Step 2: Option 1: print as one page at A4 size

  3. Then simply press OK to print the map to A4 size on one sheet of paper.

Step 1: Option 2: print as one page at A4 sizeOption 2: print as two pages at A3 size

  1. Download the two files GCM_A3left_April2006.pdf and GCM_A3right_April2006.pdf and, as above, choose the File > Print option from the menu.

  2. This time however you MUST change the drop-down menu option under Page Handling > Page Scaling to 'Fit to Printer Margins' as highlighted in green in the screenshot below:

    Step 2: Option 2: print as one page at A4 size

  3. Then simply press OK to print half of the print the map to A4 size. Now follow this procedure for the right side of the map and you have two printouts at A4, which when combined by sellotape give you a large A3 map!

Now that you have your preferred size of map, you will need to be able to (1) identify and find the visitor attractions shown, and (2) locate all the streets on the map. To do this you should print out the two files listed below: firstly the 'GCM_attractions_list.pdf' and then the 'GCM_streets_list.pdf'.

Accompanying Files for Printing

  1. 101 Visitor Attractions: GCM_attractions_list.pdf

  2. Streets: GCM_streets_list.pdf

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