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Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Information / Glasgow Street Names That Changed  

 A list of Glasgow street names which were subject to change prior to the 1940s

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Netherlea Road, PartickNorby Road,W1
Netherton Road, CathcartBallogie Road, 5.4.
New Street, CaltonStevenson Street, SE
Newhall Terrace, CaltonGreenhead Street, SE
Newlands Dnve, PartickCrathie Drive. W1
Newlands Lane, PartickCrathie Lane, W1
Newton Street, PartickDunaskin Street, W1
Norman LaneMasterton Place, N
North Albert Road, PollokshieldsNetherby Drive. Sl
North Avenue RoadCampsie Street, N
North Avenue, YokerSouthinch Avenue, Clydebank
North Burn, ShettlestonFairburn Street, E2
North Ferry Road, YokerYoker Ferry Road
North Street, SpringburnLenzie Street, N
North Street, WhiteinchNorthinch Street, W4
North Craigpark StreetMilnbank Street, El
North Oswald StreetLister StreetC C4
North Watson StreetCallander Street, NW
Nutberry Street, CathcartFlorida Avenue, S2
Orchard Lane, GovanCommons Lane, SW1
Orchard Street, PartickVine Street, Wl
Osborne Place, GovanCopland Place, SW1
Oswald Street, DalmarnockHeron Street, SE
Oswald Street, WhiteinchInchlee Street, W4
Oxford Drive, North KelvinsideOban Drive, NW
Oxford Passage, North KelvinsideOban Passage, NW
Paisley Road, CardonaldPaisley Road West, SW2
Park Lane, Govan RoadToll Lane, SW1
Park Road, IbroxMerrickGardens, SW1
Park Road, PollokshawsParkhill Road, S3
Park Street, Kinning ParkMilnpark Street, S1
Park Street, AnderstonYorkhill Street, C3
Park Street, ShettlestonFenella Street, E2
Parkgrove Terrace,ParkheadTolcross Road, E1
Parkville Road, HillheadAshton Road, W3
Paterson Street, AnderstonWilliam Place, C3
Paterson Street, off RottenrowHume Street, C4
Peel Street, BridgetonRimsdale Street, SE
Percy Street, North KelvinsideHotspur Street, NW
Pointhouse Lane, PartickOtter Lane, Wl
Pollok Buildings
(from Corkerhill Rd, South of Rly)
Corkerhill Road, SW2
Pollok Buildings
(portion NE from the latter portion)
Corkerhill Terrace, SW2
Pollok Road, ShawlandsHector Road, S1
Pollok Street, PollokshawsGreenview Street, S3
Pollok Street, ScotstounKelso Street, W3
Porter StreetJanefield Street, E1
Portland StreetNorth Portland Street, C1
Portland Street (South)South Portland Street, C5
Possil Road, LambhillBalmore Road, NW
Preston Street, DalmarnockDunn Street, SE
Prince Albert StreetTorriddale Street, S2
Princes Square, StrathbungoMarywood Square, S1
Princes Street, GovanVicarfield Street, SW1
Princes Street, PollokshieldsM'Culloch Street, S1
Princes Street (West)West Princes Street, C4
Provanmill PlaceRanza Place, Millerston
Queen Avenue, ShettlestonFingask Street, E2
Queen Street, PartickThurso Street, W 1
Queen Street, GovanNeptune Street. SWl
Queen's GardensRegal Gardens, W2
Queen's Gate, Scotstounhill.Queen Victoria Gate, W3
Ralston Drive, GovanRhynie Drive, SW1
Regent Street, ShawlandsRegwood Street, S1
Reid Street, ShettlestonDinnet Street, E2
Reid Street, MaryhillLochgilp Street, NW
Reid Street, SpringburnReidhouse Street, N
Reid Street, GovanRathlin Steet, SW1
Richmond DriveShawfield Drive, C5
Richmond Road, DowanhillLinfern Road,W2
River Street, DalmarnockShore Street, SE
Robertson Street, PartickSorley Street, W1
Roseberry TerraceNorth Woodside Road, NW
Rose StreetFlorence Street, C5
Rose Street, Mile-endForbes Street, SE
Rose Avenue, CardonaldWalkerburn Road, SW2
Roxburgh Circus, CardonaldBerwick Drive, SW2
Royal Avenue, ShettlestonDodside Street, E2
Royal Crescent, CrosshillQueen's Drive, S2
Russell Place, AnderstonKelvinhaugh Place, C3
Russell Street, CaltonStevenson Street, SE
Russell Street, GovanOrkney Place, SW1
St. Andrews Street, ShettlestonDalton Street, E2
St Clair Street, ShettlestonEdenwood Street, E2
St James LaneSeaward Lane, S1
St James Lane, HillheadRuskin Lane, W2
St James Place, HillheadRuskin Place, W2
St James Road, CathcartKildary Road, S4
St James Street, HillheadHamilton Park Avenue, W2
St James Street off Paisley RdSeaward Street, S1
St James Terrace, HillheadRuskin Terrace, W2
St John's PlaceBell Place C4
St John's Road, CathcartStruan Road, S4
St John's StreetBorron Street, C4
St. Mary's LaneNapiershall Lane, NW
St. Ninians's Road, CardonaldHowford Road, SW2
St. Vincent LaneAnchor Lane, C1
Sandyhills Road, (from City boundary, N)Killin Street, E2
Saracen LaneSaracen Head Lane, C1
Saturland RoadStilterland Road
School Wynd, ShettlestonEnnerdale Street, E2
Scott Street, BridgetonMadras Street, SE
Scott Street, Port DundasTyndrum Street, C4
Second Avenue, DumbreckSecond Gardens, S1
Seymour Street, CrossmyloofWaverley Street, S1
Seyton Avenue, LangsideBlairhall Avenue, S1
Shamrock Street (South)Camden Street, C5
Sharp's Lane, AnderstonWarp Lane, C3
Shawhill Street, PollokshawsShawhill Road, S3
Shields Terrace, Kinning ParkMarlow Terrace, S1
Simpson Street, ShettlestonFernan Street, E2
Sister Street, BridgetonOrr Street, SE
Slatefield Street
(portion from Reidvale Street to Duke Street)
Bathgate Street, E1
Smith Street, GovanhillInglefield Street, S2
Smith Street, HillheadOtago Street, W2
Smith Street, 0ff Paisley Rd, WestMiddlesex Street, S1
Society RowCarnbroe Street, C4
Somerville Place, CaltonMonteith Place, SE
Somerville Street, ScotstounMethil Streeet, W4
South Burn, TollcrossFairholm Street, E2
South Cameron StreetLindores Street, S2
South Wellington Street, SSLawmoor Street, C5
South York StreetMoffat Street, C5
Springfield PlaceBuckie Place, NW
Springfield RoadAmulree Street, E2
Springfield Street, off Paisley RdShearer Street, C5
Stanhope Plane, AnderstonOak Place, C3
Stanley LaneBaliol Lane, C3
Stanley Street, off Woodlands RdBaliol Street, C3
Stanley Street,Govan
(portion West of Craigton Road)
Luss Road, SW1
Stanley Street,Govan
(portion East of Craigton Road)
Arthurlie Street, SW1
Station Lane, PartickDyce Lane, W1
Station Lane, ShettlestonAncrum Street, E2
Station Road, CathcartDelvin Road, S4
Station Road, SpringburnAtlas Street, N
Station Road, ShettlestonAnnick Street, E2
Station Road, ScotstounhillRistol Road, W3
Station Road, StrathbungoBarbreck Road, S2
Station RoadLochmaben Road, SW2
Stephen Drive, GovanKennedar Drive, SW1
Steven Parade, ParkheadSilverdale Street, E1
Stevenson Drive, LangsideDeanston Drive, S1
Stewart Street, off Crown StreetKames Street, C5
Stirling Street, CowcaddensDunblane Street, C4
Stirling Street, off High StreetBlackfriars Street, C1
Stirling Street (South)Kilbarchan Street, C5
Struthers Street, CaltonTobago Street, SE
Stuart Avenue, ScotstounVerona Avenue, W4
Stuart Place, GovanCrossloan Place, SW1
Stuart Street, PartickMoy Street, W1
Succoth Street, MaryhillAray Street, NW
Sutherland Street, SpringburnLenzie Street, N
Syriam Terrace, SpringhurnSyriam Street, N
Third Avenne, DumbreckThird Gardens, S1
Thistle Lane, GarnethillGarnet Lane, C3
Thistle Street, GarnethillGarnet Street, C3
Thomson Street, PartickTorness Street, W1
Thomson's Lane, Mile-endCrownpoint Road, SE
Three Ell RoadCrosslee Street, SW2
Tower Street, off Blochairn RoadLewis Street, N
Turnberry Road, NitshillPrestwick Street, Nitshill
Union Place, AnderstonSchool Wynd, C3
Union Street, CaltonMoncur Street, SE
Union Street, SpringburnTorrance Street, N
University StreetHastie Street, C3
Upper Dunlop Street, TollcrossAnworth Street, E2
Ure Street, GovanUist Street, SW1

Vermont Street, Kinning Park

Durham Street, S1

Victoria Drive, ScotstounQueen Victoria Drive, W4
Victoria Road, SpringburnMosesfield Street, N
Victoria Street, GovanNeptune Street, SW1
Victoria Street, Port EglintonStromness Street, C5
Vulcan Street, Port DundasVintner Street, G4
Walker Street, MaryhillGlencloy Street, NW
Walker Street, off Ropehill RoadGrovepark Street, NW
Wallace Lane NorthNorth Wallace Place, C4
Wallace Street, GovanHarhill Street, SWl
Wallace Street NorthNorth Wallace Street, C4
Walter Street, ScotstounLangholm Street, W4
Washington Street, GovanHarmony Row, SW1
Water Street, MaryhillShiskine Street, NW
Waterloo Street, EastForbes Street, SEL
Watson Parade, TollcrossAltyre Street, E2
Watt Street, MaryhillDuart Street. NW
Well Lane, PartickCooper's Well Lane, Wl
Well Road, off Maryhill RoadTrossachs Street, NW
Well Street, PartickCooper's Well Street, W1
Wellcroft Street, off Eglinton StreetLauder Street, C5
Wellfield Terrace, SpringburnFoyers Terrace, N
Wellington Lane (South)Lawmoor Lane, C5
Wemyss PlaceWemyss Street, C2
West Street, CaltonKerr Street, SE
West Bothwell StreetWilliam Street, C3
West College StreetCrimea Street, C2
West Cumberland LaneAshley Lane, C3.
West Cumberland StreetAshley Street, C3
West Garden PlaceBurnbank Place, NW
West Garden StreetBurnbank Terrace, NW
West Ibrox Terrace, GovanBroomloan Place, SWl
West Russell StreetWemyss Street, C2
West Scotland StreetScotland Street, S1
Westfied Street, CrossmyloofWestclyffe Street, S1
Westerton Avenue, TollcrossArd Street, E2
White Street GovanGolspie Street, SWl
Whitehill Street CathcartBrunton Street, S4
Whitehill Terrace CathcartBtrunton Terrace, S4
William Street, off Eglinton StreetLangbank Street, C5
William Street, CaltonTempleton Street, SE
William Street, CowcaddensGlenmavis Street, C4
William Street, Mile-endBroad Place, SE
William Street, ShettlestonArdholm Street, E2
William Street, TollcrossArdfern Street, E2
Wilson Street, HillheadOakfield Avenue, W2
Wilson Street, PartickGullane Street, Wl
Windsor Circus, KelvinsideKirklee Circus, W2
Windsor Cottages, ScotstounHarland Cottages, W4
Windsor Quadrant, KelvinsideKirklee Quadrant, W2
Windsor Street, ScotstounHarland Street, W4
Windsor Terrace, KelvinsideKirklee Terrace, W2
Windsor Villas, CathcartRhannan Terrace, S4
Winifred Terrace, RobroystonWinifred Street, Millerston
Winston Avenue, BroomhillNaseby Avenue, Wl
Winston Street, off Springfield RoadWhitby Street, E1
Wodrow Street, PollokshawsShawholm Street, S3
Wood Street, PartickWhite Street, W1
Wood Street, Port DundasLerwick Street, C4
Woodburn Place, AnderstonPalmerston Place, C3
Woodburn Road
(portion South of Merrylee Road)
Broom Road, S3
Woodend Avenue, CathcartWoodlinn Avenue, S4
Woodend Place, ShettlestonArdgay Street, E2
Woodend Road, NewlandsBurnhead Road, S3.
Woodhall Drive, CardonaldQueensland Drive, SW2
Woodside Place, ShettlestonArdlui Street, E2
Woodside Road North
North Woodside Road, 1 to 959
2 to 104, C 4. Above these, NW
Woodstock Drive, NewlandsTavistock Drive S3
Woodville Street, LangsideWoodford Street, S1
Wyndford Street, MaryhillMaryhill Road, NW
Yarrow Cottages, ScotstounArdsloy Place, W4
Yoker RoadDumbarton Road, W3
York Avenue, JordanhillEastcote Avenue, W4
York Drive, off Hyndland RoadNovar Drive, W2
Young Street, CaltonTobago Street, SE

 Factual information derived form the 1937/38 Post Office Directory and based on initial work by Douglas Brown.

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