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Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Information / Glasgow Street Names That Changed  

 A list of Glasgow street names which were subject to change prior to the 1940s

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Gairbraid StreetMaryhill Road, NW
Galbraith Street, AnderstonMinerva Street, C3
(from Fielden Street to Janefield Street)
Camlachie Street, E1
Gardner Street, off New City RoadSt Peterís Street, C4
Garngad AvenueJames Nisbet Street, N
Garrioch Gardens MaryhillGarrioch Road, NW
Garrioch Road
(portion from Botanic Crescent to Clouston St)
Kelvin Drive, NW
Garscadden StreetAirdrie Street, C4
Garscube LaneM'Phater Street, C4
Garscube Road (Temple)Bearsden Road, W3
Garthland StreetGarth Street, C1
George Drive, GovanSkipness Drive, SWl
George Drive, West, GovanPeninver Drive, SWl.
George Lane EastCitizen Lane, C1
George Street ShettlestonDenbrae Street, E2
George Street, Mile-endRogart Street, SE
George Street, WhiteinchMedwyn Street, W4
Gilimour Street, off Paisley Road, WestMidlock Street, SW1
Gladstone Place, AnderstonEwart Place, C3
Glebe Road, King's Park
(portion from Aikenhead Road to L.M.S. Rly.)
(portion from Rly. to Carmunnock Road)
Aikenhead Road, S4
Menock Road, S4
Glen StreetBrodick Street, N
Goldsmith TerraceDevonshire Terrace, W2
Gordon Street, CathcartGartly Street, S4
Gordon Street, CraigtonKilmaurs Street, SW1
Gordon Street, WhiteinchGlendore Street, W4
Gourlay PlaceGibb Street, N
Govan Street, S.S.Ballater Street, C5
Gower Street, North KelvinsideSanda Street, NW
Grace Drive, off Govan RoadClachan Drive, SW1
Grace Street, PartickLugton Street, W1
Graeme StreetBell Street, C4
Graham Street, DalmarnockPirn Street, SE
Graham Street, TollcrossEversley Street, E2
Graham Street, PartickHalkirk Street, W1
Graham Street, GovanGarmouth Street, SW1
Grampian Road, PollokshawsCairngorm Road, S3
Grantly Gardens, ShawlandsGrantley Gardens, S1
Grantly Street, ShawlandsGrantley Street, S1
Granville Street, off St. George's RoadGlenfarg Street, NW
Granville Street, WestGranville Street, C3
Gray Street, ShettlestonDenbeck Street, E2
Gray Street, ParkheadDervaig Street, El
Gray Street, ScotstounLangholm Street, W4
Great Clyde StreetClyde Street, C1
Great Eastern Road
(from the Old Royalty Boundary to Burgher St)
Gallowgate, E1
Great Eastern Road
(from Fielden Street to Janefield Street)
Camlachie Street, E1
Great Eastern Road
(from Burgher Street to Tollcross Road)
Tollcross Road, El
Great Hamilton StreetLondon Road, SE
Great Wellington Street, Paisley Road TollAdmiral Street, S1
Green Lane, PollokshawsPleasance Lane, S3
Green Road, YokerGreenlaw Road,Clydebank
Green Street, ShettlestonDucraig Street, E2
Green Street, BridgetonMackeith Street, SE
Green Street, off Clifford StreetClifford Place SW1
Greenbank Street, off Govan RoadMarine Street, SW1
Greenfield Road, ShettlestonDuror Street, E2
Greenfield Street, ShettlestonEarnside Street, E2
Greenhead Avenue, LinthouseBurghead Avenue, SW1
Greenhead Drive, LinthouseBurghead Drive, SW1
Greenock Place, off West Street, S.S.Markinch Street, C5
Grovepark StreetGrovepark Place, NW
Haghill Street, DennistounAbernethy Street, El.
Hamilton Drive, Hillhead
(portion from River Kelvin to Gt Western Road)
Queen Margaret Drive, W2
Hamilton Drive, PollokshieldsHamilton Avenue, S1
Hamilton Drive, ShettlestonEasdale Drive, E2
Hamilton Street, CathcartGavinton Street, S4
Hamilton Street (Little)Martha Street, C1
Hamilton Street, PartickFortrose Street, W1
Hamilton Street, Govan.Nethan Street, SW1
Hamilton Terrace, ShettlestonEckford Street,E2
Hampden Street, North KelvinsideBonawe Street, NW
Hangingshaw RoadProspecthill Road, S2
Hanover Avenue, JordanhillSt Kilda Drive, W4
Hanover Terrace, KelvinsideKingsborough Gardens,W2
Harvey StreetHawick Street, Clydebank
Harvie Street, DalmarnockFairbairn Street, Se
Havelock Lane, AnderstonHouldsworth Lane, C3
Havelock Street, off Paisley Road, WestEdwin Street, SW1
Henderson Street, Kinning ParkHowwood Street, S1
Henrietta Place, Mile-endOrr Place, SE
Henrietta Street, Mile-endOrr Street, SE
Henryís Croft Road, MansewoodMansewood Road, S3
High Cartcraigs StreetKennishead Road, S3
Hill Square, AnderstonStobcross Square, C3
Hill Street, AnderstonGuest Street, C3
Hill Street, MaryhillDuncruin Street, NW
Hill Street, ParkheadHumber Street, E1
Hill Street, ShettlestonEdrom Street, E2
Hill Street, SpringburnHillkirk Street, N
Hill Street, WhiteinchEdzell Street, W4
Hill Street, WhitevaleMelbourne Street, E1
Hillend Road (portion of)Knapdale Street, NW
Hillhead Avenue,ShettlestonEnterkin Street, E2
Hillhead RoadStandburn Road
Hillside Place, SpringburnHillkirk Place, N
Hillside Street, SpringburnSpringvale Terrace, N
Hillside Terrace, SpringburnSpringvale Terrace, N
Holland Lane, WhiteinchMorna Lane, W4
Holland Place, WhiteinchMorna Place, W4
Holmhead StreetCunningham Street, C1
Holme Street, GovanWanlock Street, SW1
Hope Street, AnderstonAnthony Street, C3
Hopehill Street, PollokshawsBirness Street, S3
Hopetoun Terrace,SpringburnFoyers Terrace, N
Hospital Road, GovanLanglands Drive, SW1
Howard Street, DalmarnockFinnart Street, SE
Howth Terrace, AnnieslandLinden Street, W3
Hozier Street, PartickBeith Street, W1
Hutcheson Street, GovanRosneath Street, SW1
Hutcheson Street, MaryhillRolland Street, NW
Hutchison Drive, PartickHubbard Drive, W1
Inglis Street
(portion from Glendale Street westwards)
Glendale Place, E1
Ingram Street, GovanWick Street, SWl
Jail SquareJocelyn Square, C1
James Street, Port DundasKessock Street, C4
James Street, Mile-endGemmell Street, SE
James Street, WhiteinchFerryden Street, W4
James Street, ShettlestonElvan Street, E2
James Street, CaltonBryce Street, SE
Jameson Lane, AnderstonCarding Lane, C3
Jamieson Street, BridgetonDora Street, SE
Jamieson Street
(portion from Inglefield St to Cathcart Rd)
Coplaw Street, S2
Jane StreetGeorge Street (West), C2
Janefield Avenue, SpringburnBroomfield Avenue, N
John Street, BridgetonTullis Street, SE
John Street, TollcrossBattleburn Street, E2
John Street, PartickGairn Street, Wl
John Street, LambhillKilfinan Street, NW
John Street, MaryhillCottar Street, NW
John Street Lane, BridgetonLandressy Street, SE
Kaiser Street, DennistounMarne Street, E1
Katharine Avenue, GovanSt. Kenneth Avenue, SW1
Katharine Drive, GovanSt. Kenneth Drive, SW1
Kelburn Avenue, DumbreckTorridon Avenue, S1
Kelvin Street, MaryhillCowal Street, NW
Kelvin Street, PartickKeith Street, W1
Kelvin Street, off North Woodside RoadBalnain Street,C4
Kelvindale Lane, MaryhillDalmally Lane, NW
Kelvindale Street, MaryhillDalmally Street, NW
Kelvinhaugh Road, AnderstonHaugh Road, C3
Kennedy Drive, PartickKennoway Drive, W1
Kennedy Lane, PartickKennoway Lane, W1
Kennet Street, GarngadDunolly Street, N
Kennyhill Gardens, off Alexandra ParadeSannox Gardens, E1
Kensington Avenue, PollokshawsBemersyde Avenue, S3
Kent Avenue, JordanhillOrleans Avenue, W4
Kent Street, AnderstonFinnieston Place, C3
Kerr Street, off Hopehill RoadAncroft Street, NW
Kilkerran StreetStoneyhurst Street, N
Killearn Terrace, SpringburnEastfield Terrace, N
Kilmany StreetMuiryfauld Drive,E1
King Street, Mile-endRedan Street, SE
King Street, CaltonMillroad Street, SE
King Street, TradestonKingston Street, C5
King Street, GovanKintra Street, SW1
King Street, PollokshawsShawbridge Street, S3
King's Gate, DowanhillDowanside Road, W2
Kirk Street, CaltonStevenson Street, SE
Kirklee CircusKirklee Place, W2
Knightswood RoadBlairdardie Road, W3
Lanark Street,off Dobbie's LoanCalgary Street?C4
Langlands Road,NewlandsCarlaverock Itoad,S3
Langside Road,CathcartLangside Drive,S3
Lansdowne Avenue,AnnieslandSackyille Avenue?W3
Lansdowne Gardens,CathcartWindlaw Gardens,S4
Lauderdale Avenue,NewlandsLockerbie Avenue,S3
Lennox Street,CardonaldLarmington Road,SW2
Lennox Street off Saracen StStonyhurst Street,N
Levern RoadBarrhead Road,S3
Lilybank Place,PollokshawsSt. Conval Place,S3
Lilybnk RoadGourock Street,C5
Lilybank Street,off Eglinton StCardwell Street,C5
Lime Street,S.SOregon Street,C5
Linden Lane,LangsideIser Lane,S1
Lismore Street,CraigtonDrymen Street,SW2
Little Street,Mile-endCrownpoint Road,SE
Little Brown Street,DalmarnockMegan Street,SE
Lochburn Road
(portion fronting Magdalene Inst.)
Cadder Road,NW
Lochmaben Road,ScotstounBurnham Road,W3
Lomond Road,PollokshawsAttow Road,S3
London StreetLondon Road,C1
Lorne Terrace,MaryhillDollar Terrace,NW
Low Green StreetTurnbull Street,C1
Lyon Street,WhitevaleGlenlyon Street,El
M'Arthur Street, Mile-endFielden Place, SE
M'Dougall Street, ParkheadMalcolm Street, E1
M'Farlane Street, Port DundasBroadford Street, C4
M'Farlane Street, SpringburnSyriam Street, N
M'Kechnie Street, Mile-endDornoch Street, SE
MíLean Street, PartickLawrie Street, W1
M'Leod Street, GovanDunvegan Street, SW1
Main Street, CaltonWell Street, SE
Main Street, GorbalsGorbals Street, C5
Main Street, GovanClydebrae Street, SW1
Main Street, MaryhillMaryhill Road, NW
Main Street, PollollokshawsShawbridge Street, S3
Main Street, ShettlestonShettleston Road, E1
Main Street, TollcrossTollcross Road, E1
Mains StreetBlythswood Street, C2
Mair Street, ShettlestonEtive Street, E2
Maitland Avenue, LangsideDirleton Avenue, S1
Maitland Lane, off CowcaddensMaitland Place, C4
Manor Road
(from Dumbreck Road to Maple Road)
Urrdale Road, S1
Manor Road
(from Hazelwood Road to Gower Street)
Gower Terrace, S1
Manse Lane, GovanPearce Lane, SW1
Mansefield Street, GovanPearce Street, SW1
Mansfield Terrace, SpringburnMarchfield Terrace, N
Mar Street, DennistounMarwick Street, E1
Margaret Drive, GovanMambeg Drive, SW1
Margaret StreetPeebles Street, C5
Market Street and Lane, off BridgegateMart Street, C1
Marlborough Drive, KelvinsideHughenden Drive, W2
Marlborough Road, CathcartKirkwell Road, S4
Marlborough Street, Mile-endOrr Street, SE
Marlborough TerraceDevonshire Terrace, W2
Marshall Place, PartickDrem Place, W1
Mathieson Road, MaryhillGrovepark Street, NW
Mathieson Street, GovanLuath Street, SW1
Matilda Street, PollokshawsMaida Street, S3
Mauldslie Street, PartickMeadow Road, W1
Maxwell Lane, PartickBurgh Hall Lane, W1
Maxwell Road, GovanBogmoor Road, SW1
Maxwell Street, GovanStag Street, SW1
Maxwell Street, PartickBurgh Hall Street, W1
Maxwell Street, PollokshawsPollokshaws Road, S3
Melville LaneUnion Place, C1
Merchant LaneShipbank Lane, C1
Merrylee RoadNether Auldhouse Road, S3
Mill Road, CardonaldMoulin Road, SW2
Mill Road, YokerYokermill Road.
Miller Street, PartickCarradale Street, W1
Miller Street, ShawlandsMillwood Street, S1
Millerís PlaceSaltmarket Place, C1
Milton DriveColston Drive, Bishopbriggs
Milton LaneMilton Place, C4
Milton Lane, PartickByron Lane, Wl
Milton Street, PartickByron Street, W1
Minard Avenue, PartickTurnberry Avenue, W1
Minard Road, PartickTurnberry Road, W1
Minard Road,
(portion across Rly Bridge at Crossmyloof)
Titwood Road, S1
Minto Avenue, NewlandsInverlair Avenue, S3 and S4
Moncrieff LaneMoncrieff Place, C4.
Moncrieff LaneGorbals Lane, C5
Monteith Street, BridgetonBonnar Street, SE
Montgomerie Crescent, KelvinsideCleveden Crescent, W2
Montgomerie Drive, KelvinsideCleveden Drive, W2
Montgomerie Road, ScotstounVancouver Road, W4
Montgomerie Street, North KelvinsideClouston Street, NW
Montgomerie Terrace, Mount FloridaBolivar Terrace, S2
Montgomery Road, CathcartBeverley Road, S3
Moore Street
(portion off' Duke Street)
Dunchattan Place, E1
Moray Avenue, ScotstounOrmiston Avenue, W4
Mordaunt Place, BridgetonArrol Place, SE
Morrison Place, ParkheadManitoba Place, El
Morrison Street, MaryhillSkye Street, NW
Morrison Street, GovanBurleigh Street, SW1
Moss Lane, DennistounCircus Place Lane, El
Moss Street E, DennistounCircus Place, E1
Moss Street off KeppochhillWesterhill Street, N
Muirhead StreetInverkip Street, C5
Murray Street, MaryhillWillock Street, NW
Muse LaneLarbert Street, C4

 Factual information derived form the 1937/38 Post Office Directory and based on initial work by Douglas Brown.

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