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Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Images / Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002    

Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002

Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-13.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 13
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-14.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 14
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-15.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 15
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-16.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 16
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-17.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 17
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-18.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 18
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-19.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 19
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-20.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 20
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-21.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 21
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-22.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 22
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-23.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 23
Glasgow Music Festival: Gig on the Green 2002 ggpix-gig-green-sat-24.jpg
Gig on The Green (Sat) 24
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Extracts from what was said in the Press about the Gig on the Green 2002:

Gig On The Green organisers 'delighted' at this year's event; Gig On The Green Is A Success! New Musical Express. Saturday August 25th 2002.

An estimated 25,000 music fans turned out to GLASGOW's GIG ON THE GREEN over the weekend with soaring temperatures helping to boost ticket sales. The festival's organisers were forced to cut the capacity of the two-day event in the city centre by more than half last week after low ticket sales. The licence application originally for 35,000 was reduced to 15,000 on Friday.

A spokesperson for the event said that they were nevertheless "delighted" at the turn-out. They said: "We got close to capacity yesterday and today's door figures have been even better. We've got a great line-up, the weather has been stunning and there's been a great atmosphere all weekend with no trouble. Everyone's enjoying themselves and it's been a great success."...

Gig on the Green Just Not Normal. The Scotsman. Monday August 26th 2002.

The weather gods may be punishing the Scots this summer but at least they have granted us a reprieve during our music festivals. Underfoot, Glasgow Green was slightly soggy, but overhead there was largely uninterrupted sunshine as the third Gig On The Green salvaged an impressive opening day of performances from a background of disappointing ticket sales.

Although Saturday was ostensibly rock day, with its parade of testosterone on the main stage, the palette was actually much broader than that. In the course of an hour you could take in the tranquil folk pop of Fifer James Yorkston, the extreme prog metal of New Jersey's Dillinger Escape Plan and the earnest college rock of Seattle's Death Cab For Cutie. Some bright spark had decided to give away promotional Frisbees to the crowd as they entered the site, solving the dilemma of what projectile to throw at Slipknot in return for their promise of free entrails for all. Before the nu -metal figureheads took to the stage there was the tragicomic spectacle of old -metal muppets Amen, their elephantine rock and one-man disaster area Casey Chaos (possibly not his birth name) paying heart-warming tribute to the kids who had stuck by them after they were dropped by their record company...

Sunshine attracts crowds to Gig on Green; Revellers at 'quietest festival ever' enjoy 21C temperatures and some cool off with a dip in the Clyde. The Herald. Monday August 26th 2002.

GLASGOW Green has seen everything from football matches, to cattle auctions and more than a few fairs. At the weekend people of all shapes and sizes flocked to the Gig on the Green. Many called this year's offering "the quietest musical festival ever" and towards the end it had something of a middle-aged feel about it, rather than the traditional hedonism of youth. Yesterday as the city enjoyed an Indian summer, revellers were able to lounge around on inflatable chairs eating picnic lunches. Temperatures rose to 21C, prompting some of the 15,000 music fans to take a dip in the River Clyde to cool off...

For once, Saturday night in Glasgow belonged to the Goth. Their usual location, the Gallery of Modern Art, was deserted as thousands descended on the green in their uniform black. Some chose to chain their dog collars together in a novel approach to solving the age-old problem of losing your friends in a crowd. The most notable of Saturday's bands were Slipknot, the American rock group famed for their bizarre stage outfits, which include masks and jumpsuits...

Sunday's crowd was altogether more colourful, with nineties bands such as Pulp and the Stereo MCs on hand to provide some nostalgia...

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