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Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Images / Free-to-use Glasgow Photographs  

GlasgowGuide FreePhotos Images: Conditions of Use

Feel free to use any of the images identified on the GlasgowGuide site as 'FreePhotos'' images on your own website, all we ask is that you follow these simple rules:

You may only use the images which are clearly identified as being 'FreePhotos' images; all other images on the GlasgowGuide website are copyright protected and use of these images is not permitted.

The images are available free for your own personal, commercial or non-commercial sites, i.e. all sites qualify!

You must credit the GlasgowGuide site on your home page using the logo and html below. In addition if you use more than three images on one page you must also include the logo and html provided below on that page.

<!-- Begin GlasgowGuide FreePhotos Coding -->
<p align="center"><a target="_blank" href="">
<img border="0" src="" width="200" height="60"></a></p>
<!-- End GlasgowGuide FreePhotos Coding -->

If you want to use an image on your own web page you must save the picture to your own hard disk and place it on your own server. The images cannot be edited or manipulated in any way: the must appear 'as is'.

We also ask that you add the words "A GlasgowGuide FreePhotos image" to the image alt tag on your pages.

To save the images:
If you are using Netscape Navigator (or Communicator) or Microsoft Internet Explorer, first place the cursor above the image you want to copy. Second, if you are using a PC or Unix-based system, click and hold down the right mouse button; on a Macintosh, hold down the single mouse button. A small pop-up menu will appear after a few seconds, offering you a "Save As..." or "Download Image..." option to save a copy of the image to your local hard drive.

Please note all the pictures are watermarked so their use can be tracked across the internet.

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All material in the site Glasgow Guide is copyright of the Glasgow Guide Organisation. This material is for your own private use only, and no part of the site may be reproduced, amended, modified, copied, or transmitted to third parties, by any means whatsoever without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. All rights reserved.

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