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Brian Grow
October 07, 2016 - 15:11

Love Glasgow Pubs! Cheers

October 04, 2016 - 23:25

Hi my name is David Collins and I was born and bred in Calder Street Polmadie. My family moved to Carnwadric in the mid sixties whilst I was working in London. My friends were (the late) John Gillespe, James Hannah Ronnie Munro Stuart Munro Tam Hughes Don McGillivray Ronnie Anderson. Hopefully someone out there remembers Polmadie back then.

elma dunn – Ilkeston Derbyshire
September 26, 2016 - 19:49

To Wilma39,

My wife comes from Royston road, her family owned the fish& chip shop there, their name was MAXWELL.

crawford – cumbria
September 26, 2016 - 14:57

dose anyone know the McCormack s who lived @ 35 Ronald ST Glasgow my mother was Mrs McCormac s sister please get in touch.

Mollie Vincent – London
September 15, 2016 - 19:50

Hi everyone new to all this just looked at all the amazing old pic of possilpark I used to live in the moss hoos in possil road
I was born in old bank hospital in 1961
Does anyone have any othe pics of the auld hoos
Many thanks

eddi reader – glasgow
September 15, 2016 - 13:30

I am trying to reach EDWARD KESSLER who posted on here about THISTLE STREET in the Gorbals. I have some information for him.

Also would loved to connect with anyone who new TOM ELLIOTT's shop in CROWN STREET and Mrs MURREY.
Names I have found in a great uncles diary... Cranston Hill public school, Elliot Street 1912, LIAM OSWALD PARKHEAD, DENIS CANNING, PHIL GRAHAM, PAT MCCALLUM (MAIN STREET) -- CHARLES DIAMOND ( All the period 1914-1925)

Grace Ramage – northumberland uk
September 09, 2016 - 19:05

Hi, I'm trying to find my family, their name is Ramage some lived in cambuslang,and half way, we moved from brigeton to castlemilk in 1969?I moved to Northumberland England, lost toutch with my gran, and papa etc. hope someone can help me. thanks Grace Ramage my papa name was alexander Ramage, and my grans name was Jeannie/ jean Ramage nee craig she was from AYR, my papa from glasgow

Grace Ramage – northumberland uk
September 09, 2016 - 18:46

Hi, I'm trying to find my family, their name is Ramage some lived in cambuslang,and half way, we moved from brigeton to castlemilk in 1969?I moved to Northumberland England, lost toutch with my gran, and papa etc. hope someone can help me. thanks Grace Ramage

john glasgow – glasgow
September 09, 2016 - 13:51

reply to doren (usa)
reg. Torbreck st did u work at scottish farmers ?
did u know me j glasgow ?

Julie Lumsden – West Lothian
September 08, 2016 - 14:37

Hi I'm trying to trace James Mcadam who will be in his 60s and lived in Milton he has a sister Rosemary or Rosemarie he had other siblings too he was in a relationship with a Mary Harrington she lived in Possilpark until the end of 1968 when she moved to Ashgill Rd Milton she would have been 16 then if anyone can give me any information on James Mcadam I would be grateful thanks Julie x

Reply to Julie Lumsden
maria mccadden – london
September 17, 2016 - 00:34

hi julie im james mccadden youngest sister maria

Reply to Julie Lumsden
Jamie McCadden – Glasgow
September 18, 2016 - 16:55

Hi sis I don't know how else to say this but i'm your half brother. Your Dad's name is James Patrick McCadden........i had looked for you online before but couldn't work out what your surname would have been. I hope all is well with you! You can contact me on my email, or on facebook

Kevin Jamieson – Suffolk
September 07, 2016 - 11:47

Hi looking for any McDougall family related to Jamieson(Govan)1950's,I know a McDougall live @ 190 Glenlora Drive in 1955.
Thank you

joan campbell – australia
August 29, 2016 - 04:46

I am trying to the eade family that lived in gayfield street then in rose street

Caroline – Ireland
August 19, 2016 - 15:43

Hi, I'm trying to trace my family history. I wonder if there is anyone that knows anything about the Wedgeworth family. Thomas, Caroline and children, Thomas, James (his boat was torpedoed in world war 2) and John. They lived at Cedar Place Glasgow. Many thanks.

heather lockey – Oldbury
August 15, 2016 - 22:06

can anyone tell me what used to be on the site of 508 Maryhill Road Glasgow UK. I believe it was where my father was born but on looking at Google Street map there does not appear to be a building there any more.

Marie McIntosh Nee Moody – Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
August 12, 2016 - 18:57

Hi there,

I don't know any of your Family, where did you live in Govan? I lived at 73 Nethan Streetwhich part of Govan did you stay. I moved when we were 11 to South Nitshill, Pol lok. Inside toilet and hot water. No more tin baths in the living room. If you want to chat about anything; Govan childhhood, school, I went to St.Anthonys' and everything inbetween. Bye.

Marie McIntosh Nee Moody – Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
August 12, 2016 - 18:47

Hi everyone,
Just joined today. I used to live at 73 Nethan Street/Hamilton Street. Doing my Family History and searched everywhere for a photo.sketch etc, of top end of Nethan Street near the St.Anthony's League Hall. I've got a couple from Galbraiths end, from The Mitchell Li brary, but stuck for the moment. I didn't know FR. had closed down. Can anyone remember a site to do with areas of people where you could get in touch with them. I've forgotten, but maybe ring a bell with someone I'm just away to Google it. If I find I'll pop back and let you all know.

Lynda Conte – Melbourne, Australia
August 10, 2016 - 01:22

Hi. I am searching - on behalf of my father William (Bill) Gorman - for anyone who attended St Mungo's Academy circa 1946-1948. I would love to surprise him with names and photos from his time at the school.

killie girl – Kilmarnock
August 08, 2016 - 22:01

Hi It's been a while since I have been on here, I was a member of the sunnygovan forum, till the changed it, and it was impossible to get back on if you forgot your pass I was brought up in Maryhill, till I was 6, then moved to Govan, till I was 18 ,, I have looked for my best maid May Wallace for a long time, without any luck, she came from, Balgraybank street and left for Canada in 1973, does anyone recognize her '' hope to hear from someone.

Reply to killie girl
heather lockey
August 15, 2016 - 22:20

Hi Killie girl.
I am new to this site and I noticed that you mentioned that you were brought up in Maryhill Glasgow. Do you happen to know what property was on No 508 Maryhill Road Glasgow as I believe from family records that my late father was born there in 1922. I am wondering if it was a house or maybe a nursing home. It would be great if we could get some information from you or anyone else reading this post. Thank you and I hope you get the results that you are looking for.

Anne – Queensland, Australia
July 30, 2016 - 12:10

Hi, I have been trying to trace 2 ancestors in the 1911 census. One died in 1940s and the other 1951. They married in 1909 in Glasgow, and died in Glasgow. During WW1 they were living in Ronald Street. They were William and Margaret Salmond (nee McKerrall). Also known as Bill and Maggie I believe. Would Ronald Street have had a different name in 1911 or does any of those names ring bells? I was hoping the 1911 census may have told me if they had had any children. Another ancestor died in 1913 at 495 St Vincents Street. She was Jane Boak Gartshore/Aitken/Salmond. She was William's stepmother and was living with her daughter's family - the McIntyres.

Reply to Anne
Danny Harris – South Lanrkshire
August 02, 2016 - 22:38

Hello Anne

If you Google, The Glasgow Story, you will be able to see the name of every Tenant who lived in Ronald Street, during 1913-14. They have a record of the Glasgow Valuation Roll for that period.

I have had a look but couldn't find any Salmonds listed.


Danny Harris

Andy – England
July 23, 2016 - 15:27

Does anybody remember Froggy the teacher at Sir John Maxwell secondary school??

Silvana Paramasivan – London
July 18, 2016 - 09:55

I am looking for photos of seamore street maryhill glasgow were I grew up

Valencia Francis – Lowood, Queensland, Australia
July 12, 2016 - 05:18

Hi. I am in Australia and doing my family history. My relative Jane Allan lived in Gallowgate St, Glasgow. Can anyone tell me anything about this street in the 1880's please. Thanks

Valencia Francis

Irene ROY – NSW, Australia
July 02, 2016 - 18:16

G'day, I was in Glasgow in April 2016, didn't get much time to look around, my great great grandfather was Campbell Roy, born in 1808, lived in Gallowgate Rd, Glasgow with his grandmother Mary Roy, around 14yrs old worked with his uncle William ROY as a housepainter ...
Got in a bit of trouble at 14yrs old & spent a couple of month in goal, when he was 16yrs old got in a bit more trouble for stealing wet clothes off a line, in the company of James Bell & another boy (but can't think of his name atm) Campbell got transported for life to Australia in 1824 on Sir Charles Forbes ship ... we don't have a name for his mum ... his dad could have been Charles Roy who died in the West African Wars 1819 .... been looking to find some family for years but can't find any, his trial paper just have his grandmother & uncle, there is 8 - 9 generations of us in Australia ... would just love to find our Scottish roots ... he & his wife only had 1 child Timothy Charles Roy ... his mum Anne Honeyman died in child birth at 17 yrs old, she came from Fife .... her dad was a convict, William Honeyman but her mum Jean (Ogilvie) Honeyman came out as free settlers to join William when he had finished his time ... while they were on there way to Australia, William died ... so if anyone can help us find our ROY family that belongs to Campbell ROY, we would be over the moon
Irene X

Lorraine Dempster – Fife
June 05, 2016 - 21:52

Hi I am interested in catching up with any of the people I went to school with. I attended St Claire's in Easterhouse from 1959 to 1966 then went to St Leonard's in Easterhouse till 1969 my family moved to Fife when I was 17 if anyone can remember me and would like to reminisce that would be great my maiden name is Lorraine Dempster.

Joanne Smart – Glasgow
June 01, 2016 - 14:50

Does anyone remember Sol Byron and The Impacts? Does anyone have a picture of the group or Sol Byron who I believe was Billy Lockhart?

Elizabeth irvine – wales
May 30, 2016 - 01:53

Hi I'm looking for my father named william irvine from the glasgow area. His parents lived in thornlie bank in glasgow. He should be between the age of 59-66 years of age. Was in the highland fusiliers maybe about 40 year ago. Any info would be appreciated x

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