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Jane McDonald – NZ
January 09, 2016 - 02:38

Searching the existence of an hotel at 482 St George's Road, Glasgow in 1921. Proprietor was named Cormack. Any research directives welcome.

Norma Maloney – South Africa
December 28, 2015 - 06:22

Hi, I lived in Dechmond St, Parkhead, went to Newlands Primary school. Maiden Name Yuille. Moved to Paisley when I was 10, married and emigrated to South Africa in 1972.
Looking for anyone who remembers me. My Grandfather use to own a dairy in Duke St, I think before or during the 2nd world war.

PAT MOIR – b.c. canada
December 23, 2015 - 21:41

message for bill ross burlington ontario

bill youe e-mail address did not work, send me a e-mail will maybe work better o/k.

MEN Moody – Bampton. W.Oxon
December 23, 2015 - 17:00

Glasgow Jazz 2015. Glen Miller Story on TV again which set the memory off. In about 1954, when the film was first shown, I met one Ian 'Jock' McKerrow, recently demobbed, his duty free perk from Bahrain being a quality (duty free!) clarinet. We were serving at Heathrow Airport. We lost touch when it was my turn for NS.I get the impression that he left the profession to return north and concentrate on his music. He would be just over 80 now. Did he ever make it?
I have been checking the 'Glasgow Jazz' page. Just hope that I can find it again.

Esther – Mexico
December 15, 2015 - 21:18

Does anyone know what happened to my old school on Friends-reunited website?... Our Lady & St. Margarets on Stanley Street, Kinning Park.

The actual school no longer exists.

The FR page was once a thriving website, with a great history, and hundreds of former students listed, but alas it is no longer on Friends-reunited. Enquiries to the Friends-reunited Help site have drawn a blank. Thanks for any information.

hector boyle – ontario canada
December 08, 2015 - 00:48

its my first post I noticed some comments regarding the evening citizen, I used to deliver it around the Pather housing scheme on a Saturday and the pink times shouting times citizen final I think it was tupence people paid with the big pennies my pocket was down to my knees with the weight of them,the reason I was surfing the web as I have a photo that was in the citizen I think 1952 or 3 it was the life boys sportogama once a year all the local life boy groups would get together and put on a show great fun,so I was trying to see if I could find the paper to see what the news was back then the evening times has a great web site with complete news papers from 1900 to the seventies great reading it may take me a year to get through them I hope this finds some people who were in the photo ,it may seem incredible but where I I live in Canada a small Scottish town called Fergus a couple moved next door to my daughter they also came from motherwell my place of birth and I was showing him the photo from 1952 and low and behold wasn't he in the photo whats the chances of that happening over 50 years later as you can guess it kept us talking for hours over a few pints of Guinness I hope some of you find this wee story interesting take care merry Christmas to all HECTOR

Fraser Landon – Glasgow
November 27, 2015 - 10:46

Hi I'm looking for anybody who knew David Rawton from Battlefield road who used to live on the corner in the old tenement house (looked like an Edinburgh building more than anything) which is currently occupied by a carpet dealers in Glasgow.

If anybody knew David he was tall, fair haired and spent his spare time in the pub at the bottom of Battlefield Road

Thank you

Eddie mcdonald – Fraserburgh
November 24, 2015 - 13:20

Hi I am originally from Copland road I played in a group all around Glasgow they were George Currie Chester Grieg James Kerr Ian Martin mystery is Eddie McDonald some of then have passed away now God bless them also John mills a good friend as well Len parsons jim rankin I miss old govan many happy memories give my regards to all of the govan items

Ann Downey – Australia
November 21, 2015 - 08:06

Hi all , I'm looking for Jean Heaneywho used to live in yate street barrowfield in the seventies . I lived there with my mum Madge and uncle John , I worked at Bernard Electrical in Bridgeton Cross . I migrated to Australia after she died . Jean was a great singer remember her singing , lifting me higher and higher . Also looking for lennie shepherd who lived round the corner , luv to hear from anybody who remembers me or them , thanks for taking the time to read my plea .... Ann

simona – Italy
November 10, 2015 - 15:19

Hi, Simona from Italy here, does anyone remember my mum Leslie Mac Dougall from 220 Kelvinhall street?
She was born in 1941, she went to Kelvinhall School. She had a brother William (Billy) and his father was Alexander Nairne and her mother was Mary (Molly).

cassie – Glasgow
October 28, 2015 - 21:37

Hello wondering if you can help me looking for information about a picture that a lady called mags put in on your forum the picture with all young men (wrong pic you said) can you tell me there names please thanks love this forum.

Gerald Owen – Inverness
October 27, 2015 - 18:03

What an excellent site this is and must be a great help to all the Scots scattered about the Globe when looking for a good Scottish Recipe to make them feel at home

Jane Black – westend Glasgow
October 22, 2015 - 09:42


I am looking for a Brian Hendry from Anderston in Glasgow I not saw him in the last 20 plus years .( He about 42 plus )
Just looking to see if he can make contact .

Hope someone know him , can you pass this message on ?

Jean MacDonald – Paris
October 13, 2015 - 12:55

Great memories.


Stuart Cathcart – Dunfermline
October 12, 2015 - 17:49

My name is Stuart Cathcart and I used to stay at 70rye road Barmulloch from71till 89.i saw comments from Trisha Mcneil who lived through the back from me.just looking for anyone who knows me and fancies reminiscing about the good old days? Thanks 🙋

cameron jamieson – tascott nsw aus 2250
October 06, 2015 - 03:29

looking for old mates from wellshot school eastbank fp soccer club possil juvs soccer club

Lennon – Scotland
October 04, 2015 - 23:03

Hi, my name is vivienne and I lived in kendoon Ave in the 1970's. I have very fond memories of kendoon. So pleased to have found this site.

sladewood – Barrie, Canada
September 26, 2015 - 13:29

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for my birthday wishes yesterday. Too bad I'm too dense to get back on the boards. Have been trying for a while but I guess I don't understand what I'm should be doing. Anyhoo have a great day everyone.

cathy – lanarkshire
September 22, 2015 - 16:55

I am trying to find any info on helen mccready from dunoon she was there in the 60s 70s.lived at cowal place dunoon,for family tree.

Christine Nikpalj – south australia
September 22, 2015 - 03:14

Looking for any information on Mrs Robert Ramsay, of 70 Parson(s) Street, Glasgow who died on 12/7/1863. She may be my great-great-great-grandmother. Thanks.

Pita Walker-Robinson – New Zealand
September 21, 2015 - 06:08

Hi There; my name is Pita Walker-Robinson from Wairoa, New Zealand. In March 2016 myself & two others will be visiting Edinburgh and Hawick & we would like to meet the relatives of William Hussey the eldest son of William & Margaret Hussey. A memorial to William is in the Sighthill Cemetery. William served in the early colonial forces in Wairoa where he was killed & buried. Any support in this request will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Reply to Pita Walker-Robinson
December 26, 2015 - 22:44

Hi Pita - there are no relatives - William married Kate Ward ca 1860 and they had a son William, but he was drowned at sea in merchant navy ca 1887. Don't know what happened to her. The brother of William - John - also went to NZ - their sister Margaret went to Australia.

Reply to Pita Walker-Robinson
December 27, 2015 - 23:13

-Hi again - to be more accurate - William has no direct descendants - there are many descendants of his brother John Edward Wright Hussey, and his sister Meta Macdonald, and he had many many cousins - but none of their descendants now live in Scotland.

Brucedyer – N.ireland
September 19, 2015 - 08:47

Anybody remember the dyers or the Higgins from cobington place ruchazie, thanks.

Margaret Thacker – Kilsyth
September 10, 2015 - 23:18

Hi I'm trying to find 2cousins James & his brother George Cameron their parents were George & Rita Cameron nee (hunt) sadly they are both deceased'would love to hear from you both it has been around 50 years since I last saw you both if you see this try to get in touch Margaret x

denise ronald – northamptonshire
September 06, 2015 - 11:01

hi everyone, i am looking for relatives of our family, doing family history.anyone related to Margaret jane RONALD married Martin hugh BIGGERS (went to canadain 1928) so proberly not in scotland.
Jemima RONALD m1897 Robert MURRAY
Mary RONALD m1929 Alexander CLINGAN
James alexander MILNE m1930 Jane mckenzie HOWDEN
Margaret jane MILNE m1939 Archibald green BAXTER

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT if you think you are related to us

any RONALD `s out there i would be interested to hear from you thanks denise

harry mcdonald – canada
September 03, 2015 - 14:24

I am looking for Frank Hammond who used to live on garscube road in the 1950 1954.

Patricia – Northampton
September 02, 2015 - 15:54

I was born in Balgair Street and crowned the queen of that street in 1953. Moved to Ornsay Street Milton in 1954 and lived there until 1969c. Maiden name is McDermott and I just wonder if anyone from Ornsqy Street remembers us. I left St Augustine School at 15 with no qualifications and after having my family went to university and I am now a university lecturer.

andy cairns – AUSTRALIA
August 23, 2015 - 09:23

Went to shettleson primary 1943/49 then eastbank academy .Served apprenticeship with Sir Wm Arrols.Moved to Australia in 1970.Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. ANDY

ray wallis – yorkshire
August 14, 2015 - 13:17

I am trying to find my old friend Ian Cameron from Saracen St Possilpark who worked in Allance Box Ltd,

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